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Yoga includes breath work, posture, meditation and relaxation.

We work towards balance, strength and flexibility in our practice. We take everything step by step, with options, so that everyone reaches a place that is right for them on any particular day.

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher - At the heart of yoga
Alison Thompson


All classes require online booking. Conditions below.

Please contact me for one-to-one or small group yoga class availability.

New students: Free first class on receipt of completed health form .

Booking conditions:

All bookings, including cancelled bookings, are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Weekly Hatha yoga class bookings and one-to-one class bookings can be rescheduled or cancelled by clicking the pink stripe link on the bottom of the appointment confirmation email. Changes must be made up to 24 hours before the start of the class.

Frequently asked questions

You may have questions about yoga and the classes.

Please contact me directly if you can't find answers here.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient spiritual philosophy which originated in India over 2000 years ago.

Many people think that yoga is only the physical exercise of posture practice, but in fact, there are eight different 'limbs' of yoga, only one of which involves posture practice.

yoga class in hall

In class we also incorporate some of the other yoga 'limbs' of breathing exercises, concentration, and meditation. We also think about the philosophy of yoga and how this might apply to us and our lives.

Yoga works with the parasympathetic nervous system within the body, this is the system which allows us to feel calm and relaxed, so that yoga can help counter stress.

forward bend

Yoga teaches us to become aware of what's going on in our body and our mind, helping to create space for ourselves in a busy world.

Your first class is free!

To book your first class free, please complete the health form.

At the end of the health form you will find a code which will allow you to book one £10 class for free. Book here

Please contact me for queries or further details if you need to.

What do I need for my first class?

Please bring your own yoga mat to ensure you do not slip.

yoga mat

Please wear comfortable layered clothing that you can easily move in and can adjust for temperature as you work; a sweatshirt over a t-shirt and leggings or jogging bottoms.

Later on, when you are more established in your practice you might want to buy yoga blocks, bricks and a belt but you can always improvise with cushions, blankets, towels and dressing gown belts. See below for details.

What equipment will I need in time?

Yoga blocks

yoga blocks

A foam block might be used to sit on, lean on, for support under the head when you are laying down or for squeezing between hands or thighs.

A single block is very useful, two allows one for each hand or foot. If you find kneeling on the floor difficult or impossible you may benefit from sitting on four blocks.


yoga bricks

Bricks are also used for support, a slightly different shape, they can be sturdier than the thinner block for leaning on.


yoga strap blue

A yoga belt effectively lengthens your reach, this might allow you to work two parts of the body gradually closer together for instance.


yoga blanket grey

A blanket is an invaluable tool keeping you warm in relaxation and easily adaptable to provide instant support or padding, wherever needed.


yoga eye pillow

A deluxe yoga kit for those that really love yoga, especially relaxation, might include an eye pillow, Shutting out light and helping with pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses). Some contain dried lavender - which aids relaxation.

yoga bolster purple

Also, you may consider purchasing a bolster. These come in different shapes and sizes and can contain different inner material, varying from stuffing to buckwheat. Choose depending on what you want to use your bolster for, buckwheat is very supportive but can be heavy and might not be suitable if you are travelling for example.

They can be used for numerous activities such as:

  • A prop for support in relaxation especially in yoga nidra or yin yoga.
  • Sitting on in workshops, or when breathing or meditating.

What can I expect in my yoga class?

An average hour and a half yoga class might contain:

  • 15 minutes of breathing
  • 1 hour of yoga posture
  • 15 minutes of relaxation and/or meditation

Yoga challenges us physically and mentally, allowing us to become more aware of our body and mind, it helps us to relax and release, offering us space and clarity. I love the stillness that we can find through yoga, as well as its endless learning journey. Yoga teaches us lessons that will serve us throughout our life and of course, it's fun!

I teach Hatha Yoga and incorporate breath work, posture, meditation and relaxation. We work towards balance, strength and flexibility in our practice. We take everything step by step, with options, so that everyone reaches a place that is right for them on any particular day.

I have not done any yoga before, is this the right class for me?

Yes, the beauty of yoga is its adaptability, so that a beginner might take a slightly different version of a pose to a more experienced yogi. Hatha yoga is taken slowly and mindfully, stage by stage with options and I'll be keeping an eye out to make sure that you're happy and understand what you are doing. Classes are friendly, supportive, and welcoming of new members.

I am overweight / unfit / inflexible, can I still come to your yoga class?

Yes of course, all are welcome in class, you definitely don't need to be able to touch your toes! We work stage by stage in class, so that there are options for everyone. I encourage everyone to listen to their own body, not to compare themselves with anyone else. I look for people to be stable and comfortable in their poses, but also to gently explore their own capabilities, so that over time you will build, strength, flexibility, and balance.

I have a health concern, can I still come to your yoga class?

If you have any health concerns, please address them on the health form, or with me before the class. Many health concerns we can work with and around because we work slowly and mindfully, indeed yoga is really beneficial for many health issues.

Have a look at what the NHS says about yoga here: NHS: A guide to yoga

Other types of yoga work at much faster paces than we do, which may not be suitable for your condition or ability, sometimes doctors or health professionals don't fully understand that there are so many different types of yoga, so make sure your doctor knows that this form is slow and controlled and in a normally heated room (not hot yoga!) and that you have full permission to stop or rest if you need it or to opt out of poses that you don't feel comfortable with. I will help you adjust your practice to suit you.

For significant or serious issues or if you are unsure, please agree your ability to do yoga with your relevant health professional or doctor before coming to class.

I have a listing on the social prescribers website Simply Connect Medway

Social prescribers help connect health care providers, general practice and primary care networks with services to help their patients.

I am pregnant, can I come to class?

Pregnant women are generally advised not to attend a general yoga class before 15 weeks gestation, when the pregnancy is considered to be established.

If you become pregnant whilst attending my class please let me know as soon as possible. After the first trimester I would need to plan adjustments to some poses for you in a general yoga class.

I would also recommend finding a teacher who is qualified to teach pregnancy-specific yoga classes, where you will have lots of pregnancy related fun and meet other expectant mothers.

I have a child, can they do the class with me?

I am currently qualified to teach yoga to adults only. Children's anatomy is slightly different and requires additional training. I would recommend finding a yoga teacher who is qualified to work with children.

About the British Wheel of Yoga

My yoga teacher training was with the British Wheel of Yoga; a 500 hour diploma course with Lucie Landau at Yoga Universal.

The British Wheel of yoga training offers Ofqual-regulated, Level 4 (first year degree level) yoga teacher training qualifications that are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). These qualifications are overseen and quality-assured by the external Awarding Organisation British Wheel of Yoga Qualifications (BWYQ).

The British Wheel of Yoga is the Sport England Governing Body for yoga.

I chose to do the British Wheel of yoga teacher training diploma because:

  1. I knew that I was getting a solid and thorough qualification which could be easily recognized and respected.
  2. Many of my excellent teachers have been trained and/or offer training through the British Wheel.
  3. The British Wheel place a strong emphasis on safety in yoga.
  4. The training included yoga philosophy and meditation, which are important to me.
  5. The British Wheel require their teachers to take part in continuous learning and development and offer top quality training and events for future learning, both for teachers and non-teachers.
  6. The British Wheel as an organisation strive to act in accordance with the yamas and niyamas (ethical and moral codes) of yoga.
  7. The British Wheel of yoga is a national charity, a non-profit making company, operating with many volunteers, who are themselves yoga teachers.

logo - British Wheel of Yoga

Take a look at the British Wheel of yoga Website here:

Having said that, I've also worked with fantastic teachers that have not been BWY trained and will continue to do so.